Jean-Martin Laberge


Selected publications 
Baird R, Khan N, Laberge J-M, Flageole H, Anselmo M, Puligandla P. The effect of tracheal occlusion on lung branching in the rat nitrofen CDH model. J Surg Research 148: 224-229, 2008.

Weinsheimer RL, Yanchar NL, Bouchard SB, Kim PK, Laberge J-M, Skarsgard ED, Lee SK, McMillan D, von Dadelszen P, and the Canadian Pediatric Surgery Network. Gastroschisis closure – does method really matter? J Pediatr Surg 43:874-878; 2008.

Grushka JR, Laberge J-M, Puligandla P, Skarsgard ED, and the Canadian Pediatric Surgery Network. The effect of hospital case volume on outcome in congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH): The experience of the Canadian Pediatric Surgery Network. J Pediatr Surg 44:873-876; 2009.

Grushka J, Al-Abbad S, Baird R, Puligandla P, Kaplan F and Laberge J-M. The Effect of In Vitro Tracheal Occlusion on Branching Morphogenesis in Fetal Lung Explants from the Rat Nitrofen CDH Model. J Pediatr Surg 45:943-994; 2010.