Mafalda Porporino, PhD., Pediatric Psychologist, Professional Practice Leader

Psychology, Pediatric Feeding Program
Fun fact about me 

I like to do yoga.

I love working with children and their families because 
I'm always reminded of my own.

Hospital information

Academic appointments 

Assistant Professor (Professional) McGill University



McGill University, B.A., Psychology

McGill University, M.A., School and Applied Child Psychology

McGill University, Ph.D., School and Applied Child Psychology


Research interests 

Pediatric feeding

Selected publications 

Porporino, M., Martel, C., Zygmuntowicz, C., (2012).  The usefulness of the MCH-Feeding Scale in assessing change in parental perception of their children’s feeding problems following treatment.  The Feeding News 7, 1-3.

Ramsay, M., Martel, C., Porporino, M., & Zygmuntowicz, C. (2011). The Montreal Children’s Hospital Feeding Scale: A brief bilingual screening tool for identifying feeding problems. Paediatrics & Child Health, 16(3), 147-151.

Sant’Anna, A., Porporino, M., Martel, C., Zygmuntowicz, C., Yapar, L., & Ramsay M. (2012) Cyproheptadine and poor growth: is it useful? Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, 36 (1), 122-135.

Tannenbaum, G., Ramsay, M., Martel, C., Samia, M., Zygmuntowicz, C., Porporino, M., & Gosh, S. (2009). Elevated circulating acylated and total ghrelin concentrations along with reduced appetite scores in infants with failure to thrive. Pediatric Research, 65(5), 569-673.