Teens - 6 tips for mending a broken heart

  1. Avoid your ex:  You’re feeling very sensitive, so seeing him as "just friends" is not a good idea right now.
  2. Talk about it: Let your sorrow out, talk about it with your friends or someone in your family who you are close to … One day it will be your turn to listen to them.
  3. Cry: Let your tears help you feel better, don’t try to hold them in, tell yourself that it’s your sorrow that’s rolling down your cheeks.
  4. Getting back with your ex – not a good idea: Sometimes when we’re sad and alone, we tell ourselves that even though we’re no longer going out we can still "be together" without being together. This is not a good idea and it’s only going to make things worse.


  1. No reminders on display: Hide the gifts and objects that make you think of your ex. A photo on your beside table is not recommended.
  2. Wait: The pain will disappear eventually; you just have to be patient and let time do its work.


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