In reference to recent news article about a the use of crystals at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, we would like to clarify the following:

The Montreal Children's Hospital (MCH) cares for its patients according to the highest medical standards and the latest research developments.

The project regarding the crystals was an individual initiative of a MCH social worker; intended to bring comfort to patients, and it was with this in mind that it was approved. No one else was involved in this project, and it ended when the employee retired, in 2019.

The stones were used as a distraction technique through a comforting object, rather like a comfort blanket or cuddly toy, which patients could squeeze when feeling sad or anxious. Other initiatives of this kind take place at the hospital, such as music therapy, pet therapy, massage and hypnosis. The acupressure bracelet is a recognized technique. The stones placed in a bracelet applied pressure to specific points to reduce nausea or pain. Patients continued to receive medication to control nausea, as well as any other medication required for their condition.

The employee received an award for her whole career, not for her project. The funds received with the award were used to finance her individual project. Again, the team approved the project with a perspective of offering a distraction through a comforting object.