The Ideal Patient Room – on Tour

To give the public a glimpse of the healing, comforting and high-tech single patient rooms that will be the centrepiece of our redeveloped campuses, the McGill University Health Centre has built a life-size model room and is taking it ‘on tour’ around Montreal. Chez Nous sat down with Sylvie Ampleman, an MUHC nurse involved in the design, to talk about the model patient room and what the public reaction has been so far.

What is the model patient room?
It’s a full-size model of the single patient room that will be featured across the McGill University Health Centre, once the redevelopment project is completed. We already offer 14 of these rooms at the Montreal General Hospital – the future Mountain Campus.  Just like when you visit model homes or condominiums, when you walk through the door of the model patient room you see how we are transforming healthcare delivery and patient care. The room has a modern hospital bed with new functions like an ‘in-bed’ scale, a private wheelchair-accessible washroom with shower, and a bed where family members can comfortably sleep overnight.

Why are you taking the model patient room on a tour around Montreal?
Healthcare is increasingly being given in patient rooms; this space is therefore at the heart of the redevelopment project. We want our community to see for themselves how the redevelopment project is going to significantly improve patient care. Visiting the model room shows people how a modern patient room will make a huge difference – it makes the project concrete for people.

Where has the room been so far?
So far we’ve been to St. Leonard and Westmount. Our next stop is the Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Show, which is an ideal place for us to reach thousands of Montrealers. The show runs from February 20 to 22 at Place Bonaventure. In March we’ll be at Complexe Desjardins downtown and in May we’ll hit the West Island when we set the room up at Les Jardins Dorval.

What has been the reaction to the room so far?
It is really gratifying to see the surprise on people’s faces when they first walk in. They can’t believe that this is what the rooms are going to look like. I think we’re all so used to the current state of our hospitals that it’s hard for us to imagine how much better modern facilities will be. We’re also receiving lots of great feedback on the room that we are passing on to the designers and architects as they finalize their plans. It’s a very exciting time to be part of this project and visiting the model room is a great way for the public to get involved.

To watch a video on the patient room or to find out when the model patient room is in your area, visit the MUHC website.

For more information, please visit the Salon's website (French only).

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