La Garderie Papillon, a unique daycare centre

Last Friday was the inauguration of the Quebec Society for Disabled Children’s (QSDC) new day-care centre La Garderie papillon and the stimulation centre Le Jardin des papillons.

Marc André Coallier, the society’s spokesperson, animated the event and welcomed Carole Théberge, Minister of Families, Seniors and the Status of Women, who highlighted the efforts of all the “miracle makers” who participated in this project.

La Garderie papillon is a daycare centre that welcomes handicapped and non-handicapped children. Each group of children benefits from the presence of the other. The handicapped children get a sense of being treated as equals and without discrimination and the non-handicapped children have the opportunity to develop an uncommon sensitivity which paves the way for greater understanding as they get older.

Le Jardin papillon is a stimulation centre that aims to help children integrate quickly into daycare and preschools in their community. The stimulation program has activities such as modeling clay, ‘Snoezelen’ room activities, self-expression through movement, puppet theatre, and musical stimulation.

Patients from the Montreal Children’s hospital benefit from the QSDC services. Specialized educators work with children from the MCH offering the stimulation program to children who live at the hospital and giving them access to the ‘Snoezelen’ room. The organizations work together and have the goal of obtaining university centre status for Le Jardin papillon.

These two innovative projects are in addition to other services already offered by the QSDC to promote the personal development of handicapped children and their integration into the community.