Leo Migneault—for almost two decades he has stood by the children of the MCH

Leo Migneault has four children, one of whom spent much time in the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) as a young child. Thankful for the care he and his family received, he decided to give back in the best way he could: by volunteering.
Migneault started volunteering at the MCH 19 years ago. Today, when he arrives for his shift, he scans information about the patients in the hospital and then sends himself where he thinks he is most needed.
“I mostly take care of babies,” he says. “I change diapers, give them baths, read stories, exercise their limbs. But it really depends on the individual cases how I interact with the children.”
Without fail, every Sunday Migneault rises with the sun and then makes his way to the MCH—rain or shine, special holiday or not. He makes it clear that his family fully supports his volunteering.
“If Sunday happens to be Christmas, I say start the festivities without me because I will be at the hospital,” says Migneault. “My family sees me 365 days a year but those children, they are still in the hospital sick and quite simply, they need me too.”
When asked about his longstanding dedication to volunteering at the MCH, Migneault says, “I get a sense that I am doing good.”