MCH Trauma conducted a car seat verification clinic on October 4, 2009 at la “ Journée portes ouvertes à la Caserne” de St-Constant

Members of the Trauma team and a police officer from La régie intermunicipale de police de Roussillon verified and adjusted children’s car seats, including infant, child and booster seats, throughout the day. The team verified 61 different car seats and noted that approximately 80% of them were not properly installed and needed adjustments. The most common issues included the infant and child seats being installed too loosely, the chest and shoulder straps not being properly positioned and the handle of the infant seat occasionally placed incorrectly. MCH Trauma would like to remind parents to make sure they use the appropriate car seat corresponding to the child’s weight, height and age and to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. We encourage parents to contact their local verification center for an appointment to make sure the child’s car seat is installed properly.

Click here for CAA list of car seat verification centres.