Multiculturalism announces name change

To fully reflect the work of the department, Multiculturalism is changing its name to Sociocultural Consultation and Interpretation Services (SCIS). The new name responds to the requirements of MCH personnel to negotiate complex issues arising from different cultural and social perspectives. These include, among others, culture, disability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic factors and their relationship to health equity for patients and families.

In Canada and elsewhere, attention is being given to the social determinants of health. Marginalization in areas of culture, employment, housing and social inclusion etc. is seen to be closely related to health inequities. In order to assist in addressing these issues, SCIS will gradually diversify its library of cross-cultural materials, expand consultation services and cultural sensitization workshops, and offer mediation around misunderstandings over cultural or lifestyle differences. Interpreters working in collaboration with hospital personnel to interpret language and culture will provide links to community resources for patients and families. SCIS, as a member of The National Pediatric Consortium for Cultural Competency (a group of health networks specialized in providing diversity services and training), will continue to stay ahead of routes to improvements in health access and equity for diverse populations.  

Operation under the new name will transition into official use by February 2, 2009.

The goal in the coming years will be to expand Sociocultural Consultation and Interpretation Services into the adult sites and eventually to the new MUHC at the Glen.

For more information, please contact Mailyn Woo, Administrative Assistant at 514-412-4400, ext. 22225.