PFCC Star of the Month: Lina Di Re, Nurse Clinician

October’s PFCC Star Dr. June Ortenberg nominated Lina Di Re, her colleague in the Spina Bifida program, for this month’s award. “What really makes Lina stand out is that she works with families to follow a problem until everyone is comfortable with the outcome. That’s really important,” says Dr. Ortenberg. “Sometimes it takes a lot of phone calls and advocating on their behalf, as well as meeting with the family and working through everything. She just has the commitment to see it through and it’s really wonderful.”

Lina is one of three nurse clinicians in the Children’s Urology department, and she works closely with the four urologists in the department to care for patients with a variety of medical issues. Much of her work involves urodynamic testing for patients with bladder problems, and twice a month, she sees patients in the Spina Bifida clinic.

Formerly a nurse in Complex Care, Lina’s first introduction to the Urology team was in 2001 when she started in the Spina Bifida program. In 2013, she became a full-time staff member in Urology and now sees a cross-section of patients treated in the department.

Helen, whose nine-year-old son Amine is followed in the Spina Bifida program, has known Lina since Amine was a baby. “Lina has been there for us since day one,” says Helen. “She is so knowledgeable, and always such a calming presence. She’s very supportive of parents as they find ways to help their kids.” Helen also says that Lina has been an excellent teacher, helping her and her husband learn how to manage Amine’s care at home. “Lina is a great person and I’m really happy that she’s being acknowledged with this award. She totally, completely deserves it.”

Patient and family-centered care is something that Lina values greatly. “Over the years, I’ve seen the success that comes from working in partnership with families and getting them involved,” she says. “In pediatrics, you need the parents, and sometimes even the siblings to achieve the best outcome. I love working with families because I find the motivation is there. Everyone--both the family and our team—is looking out for the benefit of the child.”

Lina says there’s also another key element to providing successful patient and family-centered care. “Having a great team helps. We try to trouble shoot together, and we support each other when a case is difficult. Everyone values each other on our team, and you really feel it when you’re working.”