Quebec introduces new road safety rules

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MONTREAL — The provincial transports ministry announced two new rules on Wednesday aimed at improving safety on the roads.
As of April 25, anyone found guilty of street racing or car ‘surfing’ will lose 12 demerit points in addition to the other fines and sanctions for these infractions.
The penalty for these two acts is a fine of $1,000, immediate 7-day suspension of the driving permit of the person involved and impounding the car used for seven days. For someone with previous offences of the same nature, the suspension and seizure goes to 30 days.
In the ongoing efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road, starting May 4, anyone found incapable of three coordination exercises will have their license suspended for 24 hours, on the spot.
The three tests will be an eye test, walking away and turning around to come back, and standing on one foot.
Failure of these tests will mean the driver is taken off the road immediately. If alcohol is found to be the cause of the lack of coordination, the driver’s permit could be suspended 90 days and he or she could face charges under the criminal code.