There is a commonly used saying in English: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. In all honesty, this saying barely does justice to the steadfast commitment and unimaginable efforts we witnessed the Children’s staff put forward over the past year.

We saw you go well beyond the call of duty. Whether it was doubling down to prepare the hospital for the complex sanitary measures required by the pandemic, accepting to take on the highly unusual task of caring for adults, in some cases suffering from COVID-19, or accepting to offer much needed assistance to colleagues working in infectious “hot spots” elsewhere in the province. To say you went beyond the call of duty does not fully acknowledge the personal and family sacrifices you made.

Your selflessness was remarkable in every way.

As we can now see the light at the end of what has been a long and heartbreaking year, I would like to express, in the name of all the Council of Services to Children and Adolescents (CSCA) members, our IMMENSE gratitude. In fact, words cannot fully convey our thanks for the selfless dedication we saw in all of you. We could not be prouder of the staff that makes the Children’s such a truly very, very special hospital in our community.


Our heartfelt THANK YOUs from the members of the CSCA:


Sylvia Morin, Chair

Dr. Tanya Di Genova, CPDP
Dr. Michael Shevell, Chair of Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Annette Majnemer, McGill representative
Dr. Indra Gupta, Research Institute
Me Katrin Nakashima, Children’s Foundation
François Laurin
Renée Vézina, Children’s Foundation President (ex officio member)
Heather Davies, Council of Nurses
Dr. Jean-Pierre Farmer, Surgeon in Chief
Melissa Sonberg, McGill representative
Robert Bloom, Family Advisory Forum representative
Graham Bagnall
Valerie Gagnon

Martine Alfonso, Executive Director MUHC (ex officio member
Matthew Park, Multidisciplinary Council
Dr. Martin Gignac, Chief of Psychiatry
Dr. Sam Benaroya, Faculty of Medicine McGill representative
Amy Ma, Family Advisory Forum representative
Jill Hugessen
Hélène Livernois