Video game created for MCH patient

Magic Rumble + Teknoboy was designed for Loïc Bydal 

Like most teenage boys, 14-year-old MCH patient Loïc Bydal spends countless hours playing video games. So when he approached the Children’s Wish Foundation, he had a very specific wish in mind. He wanted them to create a video game based on a fictional character he created, Teknoboy. “I’ve been creating this character in my mind since my first year of hospitalization,” says Loïc. “He does not really have powers - his ally is technology.”

A group of students from the School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design (NAD), along with professor Pierre Tousignant, were assigned to the project and they worked very closely with Loïc to make sure they got everything just right.

They decided to use an already existing game called Magic Rumble as the base, and inserted Teknoboy into the storyline, hence the creation of Magic Rumble + Teknoboy. The racing and strategy game exceeded Loïc’s expectations and he was very happy to see the final product.

“I enjoy playing video games because they transport me to another world,” says Loïc. “A world very different from being in the hospital.”