School services in the hospital

Yes, the school is in the hospital!

Special education teachers from the Centre de services scolaire de Montréal provide school services in the hospital (Services scolaires en milieu hospitalier). Our team works in collaboration with the child’s home school to ensure the necessary follow-up for a successful educational path.

For children enrolled in a regular training program, the department offers French and math courses. Various adapted training programs are also offered. The school department, like the school to which the child belongs, has the power to sanction learning achievements (examinations).

At the end of the child’s stay with the school service, a report is sent to the child’s home school. The home school, with the support of the School Service, sees to the child’s integration into their school. It also puts in place the necessary arrangements to enable the child to resume their education.


School services are available for :

  • Preschool (age 5), primary and secondary school children
  • Children who are hospitalized long-term (more than two weeks) or who need repeated short stays

We offer the service to hospitalized children:

  • From all French-language school service centers in and outside Quebec
  • From all French-language public and private schools

A request must be made to the care unit to access this service.

A service in three stages

Stage 1
From the moment the child is admitted to hospital, our school team works in partnership with parents and staff from the home school. With the parents’ permission, the principal and teacher communicate with the home school to ensure that schooling continues at a pace adapted to the situation.

Stage 2
At the hospital, our teachers work closely with the medical team treating your child. They will take clinical requirements into account when planning educational interventions. Depending on the student’s state of health, study time ranges from 30 to 60 minutes a day. During the stay, the school team follows up with parents and the home school by telephone or e-mail.

Stage 3
When the student returns home and returns to his or her home school, our team follows up with the parents and the school to ensure that the student’s reintegration into their environment is completed. In this way, the interventions and recommendations made by our team members can be included in the Adapted Intervention Plan (AIP) of the student who has received our services.

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