Care at home after a day surgery

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  • Quiet activities today with close supervision.
  • Resume regular activities according to your surgeon’s instructions.
May go back to school as specified by his surgeon

May have a bath the next day

Specific instructions

For pain, give Acetaminophen (Tylenol or Tempra) every 4 hours if needed.

  • Give water, apple juice, popsicle, flat Ginger ale or Jell-O for one to two hours. 
  • If tolerated, proceed with a soft diet such as soup, yogourt, ice cream and cereal.
  • Tomorrow, he/she may be given a normal diet.

Parents please note
If you are concerned, please call the Montreal Children's Hospital at 514-412-4400 and ask for the physician on call, or come to the emergency room of the hospital.

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