Feeding Program


Who we are

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Pediatric Feeding Program provides services to children with feeding problems on inpatient services and in hospital clinics, as well as to children under 5 years of age in the community. Children with medical diagnoses, poor weight gain, and feeding tube dependence are given priority. 

Our team

Staff members:


Occupational Therapist:

Nathalie Carr, Bsc.OT. M.Rehab.Sc. 


Abigail Brodowitch, P.Dt.

Consultant Gastroenterologist: 

Ana Sant’Anna, M.D., M.Sc, FRCP

Our services

The Pediatric Feeding Program provides empirically supported assessment and treatment, using a family-centered and culturally-sensitive focus. Symptoms of feeding difficulties may include lack of motivation to eat (low appetite), poor weight gain, distress and anxiety with new food tastes or textures, at times manifesting in mealtime tantrums and family upheaval.

The child’s appetite regulation, ability to eat, as well as nutritional intake are assessed in the context of the child’s general behaviours and parent-child interactions during the interview, including during a mealtime session. Given the diagnosed cause or causes of feeding difficulties, treatment may include oral sensory-motor exercises, nutritional changes as well as addressing mealtime behaviours and parental reactions. Treatment modalities may include environmental modifications, psycho-education, behavioural intervention and brief psychotherapy for parents.

A gastroenterologist is available for specific medical concerns or medications, as needed.

The intake secretary, Nancy Clark, ensures that families move smoothly through the registration and evaluation process. 

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