Forever grateful to the Children’s

Tiny patients with complex health care needs can go on to thrive, despite their difficult beginnings. Recently, Fabrizio’s mom, Mary, got in touch with us to give us an update on a little patient we once cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and how he is doing today:

“Giving birth should be one of the best experiences in one's least I had hoped. My son was born with complications to his intestines and bladder. Dr. Flageole and her team performed several surgeries to treat Fabrizio, the first one when he was just a day old. Thankfully, within 3 months, the worst was over. It's hard to relive this, but I am happy to say that today, my son excels in school and at 14 years of age, stands at 6'3", 266 lbs. He has played soccer since the age of 4, and more recently high school football. His goal is to obtain a football scholarship and continue onto the NFL. None of this would have been possible if the Montreal Children's Hospital had not stepped in to save my son. I am forever grateful to the Children’s, to Dr. Flageole and everyone in the NICU. A million thanks.” – Fabrizio’s mom