A letter of thanks from the father of a healthy, rambunctious toddler

Three-year-old Meghan is now full of life thanks to open-heart surgery performed just after she was born

"Our little Meghan was in a hurry to come into this world," says Eric Shelley, father of Meghan, age three. "Twenty-four hours after she was born, Meghan was transferred to the Montreal Children’s Hospital in the wee hours of the night, where it was determined that she had a transposition of the great arteries (TGA), a congenital heart defect. At just five days old she underwent open-heart surgery. It was an extremely difficult time for our family but just 33 days later, and after sorting out a few complications, our little angel came home. She is now in great shape and living life to the fullest! Thank you to Dr. Tchervenkov and his team!"